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How's difference between BLDC motors and PSC motors?
The Rotor
BLDC motors   PSC motors
Stator current produces magnetic field that acts on rotor:   Stator current produces magnetic field that acts on rotor:

* Permanent magnets on rotor oppose stator field
* No current flows in rotor
* Rotor losses are very low


* Rotor “slips” in stator-produced field, inducing currents in rotor
* Rotor currents create magnetic field to oppose stator field
* Current in rotor causes I2R losses and heat

Permanent magnet type   Squirrel-cage type
Comparison table between BLDC motors and PSC motors

BLDC Motors

PSC Motors

Brush DC Motors

Compact Size, Light Weight


Low Rotor Inertia,
High Speed Rotation


No Rotor Copper Lose


High Efficiency

Heat Dissipation


No Carbon & Electric Flash


Low Speed Torque


No Brush maintenance


Over Load Capability


◎:Excellent      △:Acceptable      X:Poor

BLDC Motor & Driver   PSC Motor & Control
  • Controlled by low voltage inputs
  • Permanently connected to AC line
  • Motor starts softly, ramps to speed
  • Wide airflow range between hi and low taps
  • Controlled by AC line
  • Start-up by contact to AC line
  • Abrupt turn-on stress, noise
  • Motor speed taps are inefficient and produce only minor speed adjustment
Block Diagram-BLDC Motor & Driver   Block Diagram - PSC Motor & Control
HEADLINE Motor Application In 800CFM Fan Coil Unit
BLDC Motor & AC Induction Motor (3-Speed)
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