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BLDC Air Conditioner Motors

Headline Electric Co manufactures wide range of Blushless DC Motors for air moving application. Blushless DC Motor is highest efficiency motors. Blushless DC motors use permanent magnet rotor, without mechanical blush and commutator, resulted that rotor losses are nearly zero. Speed and torque of Blushless DC motor are controlled by HVAC controller. Appling BLDC Motors in Air conditioning has benefits as following: high efficiency, constant airflow, low noises.

Headline provides two models of Blushless DC motors for your VAV (Variable Air Volume) application, HMF-012, 014 are signal shaft, HMF-011, 013 are double shafts. Driver position has three options: 1.Internal type 2.External type 3.back by motor. OEM and Custom Design are welcome upon your request as well.


‧Motor Specification:
‧Electric Specifications:
Voltage:AC110 or 220V
Frequency:50 / 60Hz
Speed Range:600~1200RPM
RPM Control
*Manual 5 Speed
*Auto Mode by Temperature Feedback
‧Adjustable Max & Min limit:
Rated Output:60、120W

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