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Air Conditioner AC Motors

Headline Electric Co, an ISO 9001 certificated company, manufactures wide range of AC Inductor Motors for air conditioner application. Headline’s AC inductor motors are widely applied in indoor, out door air conditioners, cooling fan, window type air conditioner etc.
AC-HVAV series are applied for large scale out door air conditioners, while HAT series is applied for window type air conditioner, both two series meet VAV (Variable Air Volume) requirement. Single shaft fan coil motors and double shaft fan coil motors are available as well. Headline is capable of short lead time, punctual delivery, quality assurance. OEM and customized design are available upon your request.
AC Air Conditioner Motors (VAV Application)

 Large Scale Out Door Air Conditioner Motors.

‧Controller (For Headline’s HVAV Series Use Only)

‧Series: HM5VAV2C1T
 Twin Sensors with Single Terminal.

 a.Double Compressors / Single Fan Motor System.
 b.Single Compressors / Cooling and Heating System.

‧Series: HM5VAV1C1T
 Single Sensor with Single Terminal.

 Single Compressors / Single Fan Motor System.

‧ Electric Specifications
‧Diameter of Motor:
    AC : Φ82,Φ94,Φ120,Φ140,Φ160
    DC : Φ82,Φ94,Φ140,Φ160
‧Single Shaft Fan Coil Motors and Double Shaft Fan Coil Motors.
AC Window Type Air Conditioner Motors/ Out Door Air Conditioner Motors.

AC VAV Motor Specifications

Series Voit Frequncy Pole Output
Rotation Speed Range (RPM) Remark
Hi Me Lo L1
HVAV37001 220 60HZ 6P 25 CCW 780 680 600 520 for Φ 370Fan
HVAV40001 220 60HZ 6P 50 CCW 850 750 650 550 for Φ 400Fan
HVAV45001 220 60HZ 6P 87 CCW 1000 850 750 600 for Φ 450Fan
HVAV50001 220 60HZ 6P 104 CCW 950 800 650 550 for Φ 500Fan

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